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3.7 of Backup Plus has arrived PDF Print E-mail

The latest version of backup plus, namely 3.7 has been released for you to try. It comes with all the bells and whistles you require to backup your data safely and securely. Read more to get further information. 

Backup your data now! PDF Print E-mail

Welcome to a simple but effective way to protect your important files.

Please visit our download page on download.com and leave a review: download.com

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Backup Advice PDF Print E-mail
  • The more important the data that is stored on the computer the greater the need is for backing up this data.
  •
    Getting your Backup PDF Print E-mail

    SOMETIMES, those who need to back up their data the most, do it the least. That's often the case with notebook computer users. The fact is, notebooks are especially vulnerable to data loss.

    Free Unlimited Demo Version PDF Print E-mail

    Backup plus allows you to download the program free from our website and use with all the full features for an UNLIMITED length of time and UNLIMTED amount of backups!!! No Catch, well there
    is always a catch. However we display unintrusive banner ads on the header of the main screen of backup plus. We charge a small fee if you choose one of our FTP backup plans, click here.


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